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RTI Resources for English Language Learners (ELLs)
Author: Seth Aldrich, Ph.D.

Below are selected RTI resources for English Language Learners. They were prepared by Dr. Seth Aldrich, a New York State licensed psychologist and bilingual school psychologist. Schools and college/university training programs are welcome to use these materials, so long as they credit the author.

The Use of Curriculum-Based Measurements for ELLs: Guidelines. This document provides a brief introduction to CBMs and their use with English Language Learners. Also included are directions in Spanish for Letter Reading Fluency, Math Computation, Passage Reading, and Written Expression.


Direct Behavior Ratings: Guidelines for Development and Use. Educators can use thise guide for general advice in creating Direct Behavior Ratings (DBRs) and in defining behaviors using rubrics to increase accuracy of teacher ratings.


Language History Survey. Teachers need to understand ELL students' language history in order to teach them most effectively. This document includes several versions of a semi-structured interview that can be used to record a student's language history.


Daily Behavior Report Cards: Fostering School-Home Communication. Schools will find these directions useful for creating Daily Behavior Report Cards (DBRCs). These structured school-home rating forms can encourage parents of ELL children to stay in close communication with the school. Included areboth English and Spanish versions of a model parent letter and sample DBRC.


Who Is Seth Aldrich?

Seth Aldrich, Ph.D. is a New York State licensed psychologist who is also a certified bilingual school psychologist. Seth's practice includes his work as a school psychologist for the Homer Central School District, as well as consultation with other school districts concerning Response to Intervention (RTI) for academic and behavioral difficulties and English language learners.

Seth is a Certified AIMSweb Trainer and provides professional development for AIMSweb, a web-based system for RTI assessment and data management to colleges and school districts across the United States. Seth also works with English language learners, as well as family court involved youth in his private practice. He has published several articles in school psychology journals, and has presented at many statewide, as well as national conferences on topics such as using assessment information to inform instruction/intervention, peer tutoring, school-based intervention teams, and RTI for English language learners.

Seth's most recent publication is the book: RTI for English Language Learners: Understanding, Differentiation, Supports (Dude Publishing). He can be contacted at:

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