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  *Spache Revised Word List (Spache, 1974)
a a able about above across act add afraid after afternoon again against ago air airplane alarm all almost alone along already also always am among an and angry animal another answer any anyone appear apple are arm around arrow as ask asleep at ate attention aunt awake away
b b baby back bad bag ball balloon bang bank bark barn basket be bean bear beat beautiful became because become bed bee been before began begin behind believe bell belong bend bent beside best better between big bird birthday bit bite black blanket blew block blow blue board boat book boot born borrow both bother bottle bottom bought bow box boy branch brave bread break breakfast breath brick bridge bright bring broke broken brother brought brown brush build bump burn bus busy but butter button buy by
c c cabin cage cake call came camp can candle candy can't cap captain car card care careful carrot carry case castle cat catch cattle caught cause cent certain chair chance change chase chicken chief child children church circle circus city clap clean clever cliff climb clock close cloth clothes clown coat cold color come comfortable company contest continue cook cool corner could count country course cover cow crawl cream cry cup curtain cut
d d Dad dance danger dangerous dark dash daughter day dear decide deep desk did didn't die different dig dinner direction disappear disappoint discover distance do doctor does dog dollar done don't door down dragon dream dress drink drive drop drove dry duck during dust
e e each eager ear early earn earth easy eat edge egg eight eighteen either elephant else empty end enemy enough enter even ever every everything exact except excite exclaim explain eye
f f face fact fair fall family far farm farmer farther fast fat father feather feed feel feet fell fellow felt fence few field fierce fight figure fill final find fine finger finish fire first fish five flag flash flat flew floor flower fly follow food for forest forget forth found four fourth fox fresh friend frighten frog from front fruit full fun funny fur
g g game garden gasp gate gave get giant gift girl give glad glass go goat gone good got grandfather grandmother grass gray great green grew grin ground group grow growl guess gun
h h had hair half hall hand handle hang happen happiness happy hard harm has hat hate have he head hear heard heavy held hello help hen her here herself he's hid hide high hill him himself his hit hold hole holiday home honey hop horn horse hot hour house how howl hum hundred hung hungry hunt hurry hurt husband
i i I ice idea if I'll I'm imagine important in inch indeed inside instead into invite is it it's its
j j jacket jar jet job join joke joy jump just
k k keep kept key kick kill kind king kitchen kitten knee knew knock know
l l ladder lady laid lake land large last late laugh lay lazy lead leap learn least leave left leg less let let's letter lick lift light like line lion list listen little live load long look lost lot loud love low luck lump lunch
m m machine made magic mail make man many march mark market master matter may maybe me mean meant meat meet melt men merry met middle might mile milk milkman mind mine minute miss mistake moment money monkey month more morning most mother mountain mouse mouth move much mud music must my
n n name near neck need needle neighbor neighborhood nest never new next nibble nice night nine no nod noise none north nose not note nothing notice now number
o o ocean of off offer often oh old on once one only open or orange order other our out outside over owl own
p p pack paid pail paint pair palace pan paper parade parent park part party pass past pasture path paw pay peanut peek pen penny people perfect perhaps person pet pick picnic picture pie piece pig pile pin place plan plant play pleasant please plenty plow picket point poke pole policeman pond poor pop postman pot potato pound pour practice prepare present pretend pretty princess prize probably problem promise protect proud puff pull puppy push put
q q queen queer quick quiet quite
r r rabbit raccoon race radio rag rain raise ran ranch rang reach read ready real red refuse remember reply rest return reward rich ride right ring river road roar rock rode roll roof room rope round row rub rule run rush
s s sad safe said sail sale salt same sand sang sat save saw say scare school scold scratch scream sea seat second secret see seed seem seen sell send sent seven several sew shadow shake shall shape she sheep shell shine ship shoe shone shook shoot shop shore short shot should show sick side sight sign signal silent silly silver since sing sister sit six size skip sky sled sleep slid slide slow small smart smell smile smoke snap sniff snow so soft sold some something sometimes son song soon sorry sound speak special spend spill splash spoke spot spread spring squirrel stand star start station stay step stick still stone stood stop store story straight strange street stretch strike strong such sudden sugar suit summer sun supper suppose sure surprise swallow sweet swim swing
t t table tail take talk tall tap taste teach teacher team tear teeth telephone tell ten tent than thank that that's the their them then there these they thick thin thing think third this those though thought three threw through throw tie tiger tight time tiny tip tire to today toe together told tomorrow too took tooth top touch toward tower town toy track traffic train trap tree trick trip trot truck true trunk try turkey turn turtle twelve twin two
u u ugly uncle under unhappy until up upon upstairs us use usual
v v valley vegetable very village visit voice
w w wag wagon wait wake walk want war warm was wash waste watch water wave way we wear weather week well went were wet what wheel when where which while whisper whistle white who whole whose why wide wife will win wind window wing wink winter wire wise wish with without woke wolf woman women wonder won't wood word wore work world worm worry worth would wrong
x x
y y yard year yell yellow yes yet you young your
z z zoo

*Spache, G. (1974) Good reading for poor readers. Champaign, IL: Garrard..

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