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Section 1: Enter Chart Settings. Enter chart title and descriptions of data to be entered, select basic settings for data display, etc.

Chart Title:

Title for Vertical
(Y) Axis Data:

Type In Your Own Custom Y-Axis Title:

Title for Horizontal
(X) Axis Data:

Type In Your Own Custom X-Axis Title:

Select Line-Plot
Symbols & Colors:

Display Numeric DataValues on Charted Line-Plots?

Select Short Name for Data Series 1 [Optional]:
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Display Data Table In Report?


Type in Any Comments to Be Added to Report:

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Section 2: Data Analysis [Optional]. Select one or more methods of analysis for data-series:

Section 3: Enter Data Observations. Select dates and enter data values for each observation to be displayed on the time-series chart:

additional lines for data-entry